Robert Haryanto Wibowo


Since in elementary school, I had loved drawing activity. For myself, drawing is the way to express my feeling, thinking, and sensing of art. That is the reason why I decided to take Visual Communication Design as my major in university level. Design is not only about craftsmanship, but also about philosophy, art, and the concept behind itself. Graduated with honor of degree in Bachelor of Art and Design, I would like to apply and implement my skills in creative industry. I dreamed to have a growing career in a growing advertising/graphic design company.

I also proficient in writing, supported with my reading habit. Therefore I fall in love with literature and journalism. Wish the ideal world of philosopher is coming true :-)

My portfolio is everything I am and everything I am not. It is my strength and my weakness. My dreams, fears, expectations, and journey of faith that blends idealism with commercialism.